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Hi!  My name is Jenn Elsworth.  I am so excited to be part of the World of Wishes Travel Team.  We have a great crew!   I am married to a wonderful man and have three great kids!  We live in South Jersey and are gigantic Disney fans!  When my husband and I got married many years ago, we were asked if we were headed to Mexico or a beautiful island. What did we say?  We said we are going to Disney and that is exactly what we did! So, of course, Disney holds some special memories for me. Disney has that special way of sweeping all your cares and worries away by surrounding you with that magical feeling. I have been many many times and have passed the love of Disney onto my kids. We are also gigantic fans of Universal Studios and have been there numerous times.

We go every year to Disney. My favorite resort of all time is The Polynesian. I could live there.  I am the travel planner in my family.  I love to research and will stop at nothing to find the answer to any questions.  My family all knows that if something needs to be planned or they need information, they call Jenn.  It was only natural that my friends and family started coming to me asking me to help plan their Disney vacations.  This is what led me down my path to becoming a travel planner specializing in Disney!
Don’t let Disney (or any vacation)  be stressful or overwhelming for you. Let me take on that role. I just want you to enjoy your magical trip.  I can’t wait to help you plan a memorable fun trip and look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me for a free quote! Life is hard, Disney shouldn’t be!